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    Guild Wars 2 Redemption Instructions Guild Wars 2 PC Downloads Purchase Redemption Instructions 1. Install & run Guild Wars 2 2. Go to https://register.guildwars2.com and follow the on-screen instructions to create a Guild Wars 2 account and apply the serial code. 3. Follow the on screen instructions to redeem the code on the Guild Wars 2 site. Guild Wars 2 FAQ What benefits does the Hero's Band provide? The Hero's Band is an in-game ring that will be available to every character on your account. When worn by your character, the ring provides the following benefits: +2 Power, +2 Precision, +2 Toughness, +2 Vitality, +2 Condition Damage, +2% Critical Damage, +2 Healing. Will I be able to reserve character and guild names during the Headstart Access? Yes, players who have Headstart Access will be able to claim character and guild names during that period that will carry over when Guild Wars 2 goes live. Players who pre-purchase and receive 3-day Headstart Access will have an advantage over players who pre-order and receive 1-day Headstart Access.